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Hannah helped me navigate a time which I was vastly unprepared for and struggled to find meaningful support from others in my birth team.

A., Postpartum Mama

Hannah’s knowledge and willingness to go the extra mile in order to give me information, answer any questions, and be a positive presence in my life was impressive.

S., Preconception & Prenatal Mama

Postpartum Essentials for the Natural Mama

With so many items on the market, it can be overwhelming figuring out which postpartum essentials a natural mama actually needs. Are nursing tanks overkill? Which baby carrier is best? And what on earth are padsicles? In this guide, I'm answering these questions and...

The Benefits of Doula Support in Childbirth

The following is a research paper on doula support that I wrote for a college writing class. #internationaldoulamonth In the last thirty years, the sentiment towards labor and delivery has shifted for many mothers. While the majority of women still opt for medication...

Preparing for a Future Family

The following is an excerpt from a guest post I wrote for Joyful and Free Paperie entitled "Preparing for a Future Family." To read the full article, please click the button below. The idea of someday starting a family is very exciting! So many questions may be...

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