By the time you have a positive pregnancy test, you’ve missed out on the opportunity to give your baby and body the best start possible.

It takes three months for an egg to mature to the point of being ready for possible fertilization. Everything you do in those three months leading up to conception impact your baby’s foundation and your body’s nutritional stores for pregnancy. By taking proactive steps, you can not only lay a great foundation for your child’s life, but also increase your fertility, minimize the risk of miscarrying, and begin to form habits that will set you up for lifelong health and happiness.




If you have recently suffered a miscarriage or infant loss, contact us for specialty packages and pricing.

Hannah helped me navigate a time which I was vastly unprepared for and struggled to find meaningful support from others in my birth team.

A., Postpartum Mama

Hannah’s knowledge and willingness to go the extra mile in order to give me information, answer any questions, and be a positive presence in my life was impressive.

S., Preconception & Prenatal Mama

I started my fertility

journey in 2014.


My passion for supporting women started with

my own series of unique health challenges.

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