I Started Down this Path for Myself & Decided to Stay for You

It was incredibly devastating sitting in a second OBGYN’s office hearing the doctor say that the only way we would ever conceive was with medical intervention.

Zach and Hannah in December, 2015.

We weren’t even there with a mission of becoming pregnant, but my ultrasound results were severe enough to cause the conversation to rest on this delicate issue, once again.

At the time, I was 19, newly married, and struggling through a series of mysterious health issues. “Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome” (PCOS) was the term the doctor kept throwing out but after becoming ill from three, separate attempts to “manage” my disorder with the pill, I wasn’t looking for a band-aid. I wanted answers and I wanted to live without pain. Not long after moving on from doctor, we quickly discovered that PCOS is only a small part of my story.

Over the course of six years, we went from doctor-to-doctor in varying specialties. Every time I received a diagnosis, new symptoms would emerge and we would be back to the drawing board. It felt like we were constantly taking two steps forward only to move a step back. With every diagnosis came a new dietary protocol and supplement regime. My list of “safe” foods was becoming smaller and smaller without any decrease in the host of symptoms I was facing. My PCOS was still an ongoing issue and much of literature online was not helping.

Then in 2016, something incredible happened.

The new doctor I was seeing put me on a daily medication. While I’m not opposed to medicine in the proper context, I often feel it is overprescribed when diet and lifestyle factors could equally solve the problem. With much encouragement from my husband, I reluctantly began taking it. Within 24 hours of taking the drug, almost all of my symptoms disappeared.

Eight weeks later, I found myself staring down at a positive pregnancy test. The medication had given my body an opportunity to rest long enough that I had ovulated for the first time in years and we were fortunate enough to capitalize on it.

I wish I could tell you that the magic pill solved my problems, but it only provided me with a temporary break for my symptoms. A few weeks after finding out I was pregnant, we miscarried, and I was back to the anovulatory cycles I had known so well.

By this time in my health journey, I had been hit with the bug to research. So, on went my thinking cap and, between my husband and I, we began digging up as much information as possible on restoring fertility and preventing another miscarriage.

Six months later, we’d successfully found a diet, lifestyle, and supplement combination that worked.

In June of the following year, we welcomed a beautiful baby boy.

37 Weeks Pregnant in May, 2017

My passion for women’s health has exploded since my first PCOS diagnosis. I am now a big advocate for preconception nutrition, herbal fertility therapies, evidence-based birth, and nourished postpartum. My research has thrust me into the exciting world of genetics, methylation, gastrointestinal health, and evidence-based alternative practice.

Today, I hold several certifications:

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition)

Certified NLP Practitioner & NLP Master Practitioner (The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology)

My goal is to deliver an evidence-based approach that looks at each person individually and identifies resources from there.