Be supported every step of the way.

Preconception Coaching


Give your baby the best possible start and give your body a leg up before taking on the beautiful challenge of growing another human.


  • Optimize your diet, increase nutrition, and crowd out food hang ups.
  • Address underlying stress and work through any relationship barriers.
  • Shift to a non-toxic lifestyle: Great for mama, even better for baby!
  • Create consistent movement habits. Improve the quality and length of sleep.
  • Learn the ins and outs of what is safe/not safe for pregnancy before conceiving!

Infertility Coaching


Naturally increase egg and sperm quality and pave the path for a beautiful pregnancy.


  • Implement scientifically proven diet changes to increase fertility.
  • Increase nutrient density through food, supplements, and herbs.
  • Intentionally target hormone imbalances through diet, lifestyle, and herbal protocols.
  • Address emotional challenges that may be inhibiting fertility.
  • Introduce a movement lifestyle.
  • Fine tune your digestive habits to increase nutrient bioavailability and hormone metabolism.

Prenatal Coaching


Minimize complications and weight gain, talk through delivery, and prepare your house to run on autopilot after having baby.

  • Implement evidence-based prenatal nutrition.
  • Build a movement lifestyle, in preparation for labor and delivery.
  • Address any anxiety and fear surrounding pregnancy, delivery, and parenthood.
  • Navigate non-toxic living and parenting.
  • Plan for a restful postpartum.
  • Fill your medicine cabinet with herbal, pregnancy-safe remedies.

Postpartum Coaching


Recover and renourish following pregnancy and be supported as you navigate parenting.


  • Address nutritional deficiencies following pregnancy.
  • Implement consistent movement into your lifestyle for weight loss and long-term health.
  • Increase the quality of food in your diet and crowd out poor food choices.
  • Heal Diastasis Recti with evidence-based exercises.
  • Work through fear and anxiety surrounding your postpartum body and parenting.
  • Overcome guilt and shame surrounding your delivery.
  • Talk through relationship challenges following birth and rekindle things with your spouse.

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Hannah Bowers, INHC, is not a doctor and does not treat, diagnose, or prescribe medication. All information is for educational purposes only.